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The Wolven are a species of shapeshifters.

General Information

Long ago, the gods gave the once-wild kiyou wolves mortal form to serve as guides and protectors to the children of the gods. They are as strong as the Elemental and stronger in some case. They hold a high place in society because they were chosen by the gods. Wolven can choose to be bonded to an Elemental Atlantian but are not required to do so. Some are bonded at birth (like Casteel and Kieran) if families are close. Once bonded, the wolven is duty bound to protect the elemental and if the elemental is severely weakened, they can pull energy from the wolven; however, if one of the or the other dies, the other would recover. The bond does not cause the death of the wolven.

Wolvens have keener senses then Elemental Atlantians that allow them to track even longer distances and for longer periods. They can lose control over their forms if they come into contact with electricity, even at harmless levels.