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Vonetta Contou (pronounced: Vo-net-ta Con-too[1]) is a wolven and Kieran Contou's sister. She is bonded to the Queen.


Early Life

Vonetta grew up in Atlantis with her parents and brother Kieran. She is the second child of Kirha and Jasper Contou. Her early life was also spent with her brothers close friend Casteel Da’Neer who is like a brother to her. She was born sixty years after Kieran.

A Kingdom of Flesh and Fire

Vonetta is first introduced while Casteel is showing Poppy around Spessa’s End. They meet at her home for lunch where she and poppy take an immediate liking to one another. She shakes hands with Poppy and feels a static shock sensation that Kieran and other wolven have felt before and later touch again to see if it happens a second time, it doesn’t and Netta seems disappointed. Kieran and Netta also talk about how Poppy smells and she describes the scent as unique and old. They bond over teasing Cas and Kieran as well as their inability to cook anything other than cucumber sandwiches. Poppy notices that unlike other wolven that meet her Netta emotions don’t show distrust but rather pure curiosity. During their lunch Beckett is injured and Vonetta warns Poppy to keep back since injured wolven can be dangerous. Poppy ends up trying to help him, using her ability to ease his pain so he can shift but ends up healing him and glowing like moonlight. Vonetta jokes that Kieran left out some things when telling her about Poppy.

Vonetta lets Poppy borrow a gown for her wedding and helps her get ready, dressing and doing her hair. They share a conversation about the Joining and how she doesn’t think that would be expected of Poppy as it’s never been done on someone with mortal blood before. They talk about the impending battle with the Ascended and talk about Tawny briefly and how Poppy thinks the two women would get along. Afterwards Poppy invites Netta to attend the ceremony as her friend arriving with her and helping swap the ring from Cas to Poppy.

Vonetta fights with Spessa’s End in the battle against Duchess Teerman and the Ascended. Poppy sees Nesta’s wolven form limping and bleeding and a knife at a knight pursuing her right before netta tackles a knight going after poppy. When Poppy and the others head to Atlantia Vonetta decides to stay behind in Spessa’s End.

The Crown of Gilded Bones

Vonetta arrives after an convoy of Ascended lead by Ian Balfour arrives at Spessa’s End requesting to speak with Poppy. She confirms that Ian is Ascended which causes Poppy to lose control from anger and grief for a moment calling the wolven to her. When Poppy calms down Netta and Kieran confirm they could sense her emotions. They explain to her what happened with Beckett and poppy senses her sorrow for the young wolven death. Netta travels with the rest of the group back to Spessa’s End in her wolven form. Poppy uses her abilities to sense the imprints of each wolven and describes Netta as woodsy like her brother but instead of his cedar, her imprint was like white oak. Poppy also speaks to Netta during the journey through the bond and scares her briefly.


The War of Two Queens



Vonetta is curious, outspoken, strong willed and kind. She teases her brother and friends but cares about them deeply and is loyal. Netta is trained in combat so she’s not afraid to defend herself or others and is often one of the first to volunteer for missions with the group. Like Poppy she asks lots of questions and isn't afraid to push boundaries to get information.

Physical Description

Vonetta is described by Poppy as a stunning woman. She has jet black hair braided into tight rows that reaches down almost to her waist. She has the pale winter blue eyes of the wolven. Her skin is a rich black that poppy compared to the night-blooming roses. She wears golden cuffs around her wrists and upper arms.

Her wolven form is described to have fawn coloured fur identical to her brother's, but her wolf is a bit smaller than his.

Powers & Abilities


  • Wolven Physiology: Vonetta is able to shift into a wolf form. Due to her origins, she has a longer life span than a mortal.


  • Fighting: Vonetta is a skilled fighter with both a blade and in her wolven form.


  • Only those close to her call her Netta.
  • Vonetta's imprint smells of vanilla.[2]


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