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"From blood and ash, we will rise!"
This article contains plot details and potential spoilers for the Blood and Ash series. If you have not begun reading or are not too far into the story, please refrain from reading or at least proceed with caution.

Vikter Wardwell was a Rise Guard as well as a father figure to Penellaphe "Poppy" Balfour.


Early Life

Not much is known about Vikter's early life, other than that his wife, Camilia, died during childbirth along with their unnamed child. Sometime, Vikter was tasked with protecting Poppy in her position as a Maiden. While doing so, he started to see Poppy like his own daughter and secretly trained her to fight. For Poppy's 16th birthday, Vikter gifted her a bloodstone dagger with a carved wolven bone handle.

From Blood and Ash

Vikter was a seasoned member of the Royal Guard and assigned as Poppy's personal guard along with Rylan Keal. One night, Vikter walked into The Red Pearl where unbeknownst to him, Poppy was disguised. Poppy quickly fled upstairs at the sight of Vikter.

The next day, Vikter snuck Poppy out into the town to a house where a white handkerchief had been hung on the doorknob. Vikter was a part of a group who gave dignity in death to those who had been cursed by the Craven. Poppy had accidentally discovered this when she was fifteen and now helped Vikter. Vikter was bothered that Agnes hard heard of a Chosen woman with gifts that gave people dignity in death. He feared that this would put Poppy at risk.




Physical Description

Vikter was an older gentleman with sandy blond hair and a weathered face, colored by the sun.