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"From blood and ash, we will rise!"
This article contains plot details and potential spoilers for the Blood and Ash series. If you have not begun reading or are not too far into the story, please refrain from reading or at least proceed with caution.

Tawny Lyon is the second daughter of a successful merchant, a Lady in Wait as well as a close friend to Penellaphe Balfour.


Early Life

Tawny was the second daughter of a successful merchant, handed over to the Royal Court at the age of thirteen during the Rite. Tawny was assigned as Poppy's companion.

From Blood and Ash

Tawny interrogates Poppy about where she had been the night before, as Poppy had not been in her room. TBA


Tawny is one of the few people that could make Poppy laugh. She has a mischievous personality and loved to sneak out with Poppy at night. Tawny is compassionate and often takes care of Poppy after the Duke's lessons and when Poppy has her nightmares.

Physical Description

Tawny has a tall and lithe built, rich brown skin and beautiful brown eyes. She is described to have golden curls and is said to be enviable.