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I don't get paid enough for this. [...] Actually, I don't get paid at all, so it's even worse.

–Chapter 23, The War of Two Queens

Millicent is a Revenant, former Handmaiden and the oldest daughter of Ires and Isbeth. She is the older sister of Penellaphe Da'Neer.


Early Life

During her Ascension, she was given the blood of Casteel Da'Neer, but as he was weakened by the torture done by Isbeth, his blood was not strong enough and it could not Ascend her. She died and Isbeth used forbidden Primal magic taught to her by Callum to make her into a sort of Revenant as she is not a Third Daughter.

Millicent is much older than Penellaphe, almost as old as Casteel.

The Crown of Gilded Bones


'The War of Two Queens


After the fight at the Bone Temple, Millie ran away, being followed by Malik.


Millie is described as both chatty and outspoken. She is shown to be smart and quick thinking and having a sense of humour, though she is sometimes described to be weird or odd. She shows concern and worry for both Ian and Malik and the latter describes her to be a good person and that she had no choice, but to follow her mother's orders.

Physicals Description

Millie is described to be almost a twin copy of her sister Poppy. Millicent is roughly the same height and body type. Her mouth is full and wide. She has the same strong brow with freckles over the bridge of her nose and all over her cheeks — much more prominent and plentiful than her sister. and she has white-blond hair, which she dyes midnight black. Her eyes are milky blue as all of the other Revenants.

Powers and Abilities


  • Resurrection: As a Revenant, Millicent is able to come back to life once killed.


  • Fighting: She is a skilled fighter and can use several weapons such as knives, daggers and a bow.


  • The name Millicent means "brave strength".[1]
  • She is unaware that Malik is her heartmate.
  • It is possible she is the "First Daughter" in the goddess' Penellaphe prophecy.
  • Millicent says to Casteel that neither she, nor Poppy should have existed. Nektas explains that both Malec and Ires were told/encouraged not to have children as the first female descendant of Sera will be born a Primal and will undo what was done to defeat Kolis.
  • Jennifer L. Armentrout said that she is planning to write a book from Millie's POV.
    • She also mentioned that she never stated if Revenants can or can not have children.