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"From blood and ash, we will rise!"
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You do this, and it will be the downfall of our kingdom... I will not choose that scarred-face bitch.

A Kingdom of Flesh and Fire, Chapter 1

Landell was a Wolven who followed Casteel Da'Neer.


Early Life

Landell followed Casteel Da'Neer from Atlantia to live in New Haven, pretending to be loyal to the counterfeit King and Queen in order to help Cas rescue Prince Malik.

A Kingdom of Flesh and Fire

After Casteel announced the change of plans from going to Carsodonia to returning home to Atlantia isntead to marry Penellaphe Balfour, Landell questioned Cas's choices. Landell was incredulous when Elijah stated that he would support whatever plan Cas planned to carry out. He made it clear that he was not supportive of making Poppy the princess, he would never choose "that scarred-face bitch" causing Poppy to flinch, and he would rather see her dead before he would allow Cas to marry her. As Landell pulled out a dagger to kill Poppy, Cas ripped Landell's heart out of his body.

Physical Description

He was a man with short, dark hair and appeared to be in his early twenties.