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This article contains plot details and potential spoilers for the Blood and Ash series. If you have not begun reading or are not too far into the story, please refrain from reading or at least proceed with caution.

Duchess Jacinda Teerman was part of the Solis royalty and ruler of Masadonia alongside her husband Duke Dorian Teerman.


Early Life

There is nothing known about Jacinda's life before Ascension.

From Blood and Ash

Duchess Jacinda Teerman was the ruler of Masadonia alongside her husband Duke Dorian Teerman. They were in charge of hosting the Maiden, Penellaphe Balfour. Jacinda was present after Rylan Keal was killed and Poppy was attacked; she questioned what happened and requesteds to see Poppy's face. She accused Rylan of being caught of guard which Poppy tried to disagree with but was cut off.

Later, Poppy sought out the council of the duchess due to the changes she was sensing in her gift. The duchess stated that she believed the gift was maturing, and that this was a normal experience. She warned Poppy not to speak of it to the duke as it would remind him of the first Maiden which would have likely upset him. Jacinda explained that they were not allowed to speak of the first Maiden and claimed that her choices caused her path to cross with the Dark One who apparently killed her.

The duchess appeared at the Rite alone, the duke not attending as expected, and commented that Poppy is not to mingle with others while there, of which Tawny Lyon and Hawke Flynn made fun of.

When an attack happened during the Rite, the duke was found to be murdered. Commander Jansen and some royal guards got Poppy, Tawny, Vikter Wardwell, Lord Mazeen and Duchess Teerman out of the Great Hall and into a small room the duchess deemed safe. She was wrong and the room was attacked by descenters. Vikter then told Poppy to fight despite the audience of both the duchess and the Lord. Jacinda questioned Poppy when she produced a dagger and then was shocked as she watched Poppy fight alongside Vikter and the Royal Guards against the descenters swarming the room. When a Descenters hit Poppy the duchess distracted him by telling that she was the Maiden and Poppy used the hesitation to kill him. When the fight finished, the duchess questioned how Poppy was able to fight and Vikter admited to training her before being killed by a descenter that was still alive. The duchess was present when Poppy attacked and killed Lord Mazeen.

Poppy met with the duchess after the events of the Rite and was told the Queen had requested she returned to Carsodonia. Poppy inquired how she would be punished for killing Lord Mazeen and the duchess answered her that despite her actions she wouldn't be punished especially due to the nature of what happened between Lord Mazeen, the duke and Poppy.

Jacinda did not say goodbye before Poppy and her entourage departed for Carsodonia but Poppy was neither hurt nor surprised by it.

A Kingdom of Flesh and Fire

Duchess Teerman appeared outside Spessa's End as the leader of the Solis army to try and bring Poppy back to Carsodonia and Queen Ileana. She was the first contact with Casteel, telling him she wass there to prevent death by asking to have the Maiden returned in exchange for them leaving without fighting. Neither Poppy nor Casteel believed this offer, knowing that if Poppy would join them, they would still attack. Poppy came out from hiding to defend herself after the duchess claimed she was the property of the Queen of Solis. Jacinda claimed that Queen Ileana was actually Poppy's maternal grandmother which was why Poppy was the Maiden. They did not believe her and instead continued to argue with Poppy calling the duchess out for not defending her from the duke's "lessons". The duchess realized that nothing she could say would change Poppy's mind and she had the soldiers catapult the heads of their allies, that were supposed to join them from New Haven.

Poppy ended up on the field fighting alongside Casteel, where he asks if she wants to kill the duchess. Poppy approved of his idea and Casteel challenged her to see who got there first. After reinforcements from Atlantia arrives to help, Poppy makes it to the Carriage containing the duchess. Jacinda was surprised to find Poppy on the battlefield and got punched in the face. After threatening to kill her, Poppy questioned Jacinda, finding out that her brother, Tawny and Malik Da'Neer were supposedly together, alive, and healthy. The duchess claimed that Tawny ascended, which upset Poppy, causing her to revealed that she married Casteel. To her surprise, Jacinda was thrilled by these news, stating that the queen would be proud to hear that Poppy accomplished what she could not, seizing Atlantia. Poppy killed the dutchess with her bloodstone dagger as an answer.


Jacinda Teerman was described as kind by Poppy though more so due to her being the Maiden than actually caring for her. She sporadically requested to refer to her by her first name. She was s not as cruel or abusive as her husband. As the Duchess she was demanding and could be outspoken and blunt.

Physical Description

She was described to be pretty with a willowy frame, pale skin and brown hair. Her eyes were black like those of all Ascended and described as bottomless.

Powers & Abilities


  • Increased Speed and Strength: As an Ascended the duchess has increased speed and strength.