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Ian Balfour was an Ascended and adoptive brother to Penellaphe Balfour.


Early Life

Ian was the son of Leopold and Coralena Balfour. When Ian was younger, Ian wove stories to keep Poppy entertained. He made his sister laugh and acted out plays using different accents for different characters. Although Ian was not the second son, he ascended. Queen Ileana told Poppy that she had petitioned the gods for a rare exception to the natural order although Ian was not the second son. Ian was ascended because he was very important to Poppy. After he ascended, at the orders of Queen Ileana and King Jalara, Ian married Lady Claudeya.

The Crown of Gilded Bones

Ian arrived at Spessa's End and requested an audience with Poppy, causing Vonetta Contou to report this to both Poppy and Casteel Da'Neer. When they arrived in Spessa's End, it became clear that Ian became one of the Ascended. Ian proceeds to inform them that the Blood Crown would like a meeting in Oak Ambler and that something called Revenant was the Queens secret weapon. Before leaving, he asked Poppy for a hug and she shortly considered killing him, but ultimately decided not to. During their embrace he whispered in her ear, that he knew the truth and Poppy needed to wake Nyktos, since only his guards can stop the blood crown.

When Poppy and Casteel arrive in Oak Ambler, Queen Isbeth killed Ian after Poppy and Casteel refused her order to take Atlantia in her name.


According to Poppy, Ian was a kind and caring child.

Physical Description

Ian had reddish brown hair, an oval-shaped face and full lips. Before he Ascended, his eyes were green, turning black after the Ascension. His skin became pale.