Atlantian is the general term used for inhabitants of the kingdom of Atlantia, though most often it refers to the different ancient bloodlines and seldomly includes mortals or Wolven.


Atlantian Descent

Those of Atlantian descent are descendants that are mortal, but have Atlantian blood in their veins. They almost always have hazel coloured eyes. Very rarely does a third-generation or more removed have any discernible Atlantian blood or traits. But even though they have mortal lifespans, they aren't often plagued by illnesses or disease. They do not require blood after their Culling.


The Ceeran were also of two worlds, part mortal and part water folk. They would grow fins and rqeuired a sea or a large body of water. Their bloodline faded out before the War of Two Kings. Although believed that the ceeran fell into a depression once Saion went to sleep causing them to lose their will to live or that through generations of intermingling with other bloodlines, there simply were no pure ceeran left, the ceeran were eradicated by another deity after the ceeran rose against the deities who killed the descendants of Saion.


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The Changeling bloodline is one with an extended life. Some changelings can shift forms while others have psychic abilities. Very few can shift mortal forms to look like others.


Descenters are not a species, but mortals and those of Atlantian descent that support Atlantia even outside of their kingdom.


Drakens are a powerful bloodline, one able to sprout wings as wide as a horse, and talons as sharp as a blade. They could fly and some could breathe fire. They can only be commanded by Nyktos or a descendant of his. The Draken went to sleep with Nyktos and protect his and Sera's resting place.


The Elementals are the strongest bloodline, tracing all the way back to the first created Atlantians. Although most Atlantians have some shade of gold in their eyes, only those of the elemental bloodline have pure golden eyes. The Elementals are purely Atlantian and can be traced back to the Atlantian created by deities.

Elementals can go long period without food but doing so requires them to take blood more often. Only Elementals require taking blood after their Culling. Some elementals have mental abilities. They have heightened physical senses -- their sight is far beyond what a mortal could even imagine, allowing them to see clearly even during the darkest hours of the night, their sense of taste, and their sense of smell. Elementals can scent a person's unique scent and can tell a lot of things about someone and their body --where a person has been, what they last ate, or who they've been close to. Elementals can tell by scent whether a person is ill, injured or aroused. Their senses are only second to the wolven, who can track over longer distances and for longer periods.


A general term for multiple, old bloodlines who were warrios born and not trained. These warrios had no specific distinguishing physical traits. There were dozens at one time, each line marked by their own special talents that made them dangerous to face in combat:

  • Cimmerians: call upon the night, block out the sun, and leave the foe blind to their movements
  • Empath: read the emotions of others and then turn that into a weapon, amplifying pain or fear. Empaths were favored by the deities and called soul eaters by those who feared the empath warriors.
  • Primordials: use the earth or summon wind and rain
  • Pryos: summon fires for their blades
  • Some could call upon the souls of those who were slain by the one they fought.

Many of the warrior lines died out hundreds of years before the War of Two Kings. Most of the warrior lines were created by the deities. The elementals and the senturions orchestrated a massacre killing several deities. The senturion had loyalties on both sides and by the end of the uprising, most of the warrior bloodlines had been extinguished.


Wivern were of two worlds; they could take the form of cats larger than those that roam the caves in the Wastelands. This bloodline was killed off during the War of Two Kings.


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Wolven were originally wolves who were given mortal form. They are as strong as the Elemental and stronger in some case. They hold a high place in society because they were chosen by the gods.


  • There are both Lords and Ladies in Atlantia. They are Atlantian, wolven and mortal.
  • There is a Council of Elders who helps advise the Crown, along with the King and Queen's Advisor.
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