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The Kingdom of Atlantia is one of two Kingdoms in the Known World, inhabited mostly by Atlantians and Wolven.


The Kingdom of Atlantia is located on the eastern side of the known world. It lies between the Kingdom of Solis to its left and Illiseum to its right.


When the gods were awake, they coexisted with mortals. The gods acted as protectors, aided the mortals in time of crisis, and granted favors to the most faithful. The gods had children, who were deities. The deities built Atlantia.

An ancient deity fell in love with a mortal. The ancient deity went to the gods and asked that her mortal lover be given the gift of life. The gods agreed as long as the pair could complete a series of trials. If they succeeded, then she would serve as the source of her mortal lover's life. Her lover would need to drink from her to remain by her side. The two completed the heartmates trials. Her mortal lover became the first Atlantian creating the elemental line. Throughout the centuries, ancient deities would find their heartmate in a wolven creating the Changeling bloodline. An Atlantian would find their heartmate in a mortal and created more bloodlines.

After several generations of Atlantians were born, the deities began to interact more with the mortals who lived in lands far from Atlantia's original borders. The ancient deities began fearing that the Atlantians and the other bloodlines were not entirely supportive of their decisions regarding mortals. The ancient deities wanted to bring all the lands, the seas, and the islands together under one kingdom. It didn't matter if some of the lands already had rulers as the deities believed they could improve the lives of others. Many Atlantians and other bloodlines did not agree on this. Fearing an uprising, the Unseen were created who acted as spies.

The Council of Elders was started when the bloodlines began to outnumber the deities. The council suggested that it was time for the crown to sit upon the head of one of the bloodlines, but that was ignored. While two deities sat on the throne, the crest consisted of the sun, the sword and the arrow. The sword and the arrow were equal.

The elementals along with several other bloodlines staged an uprising and killed several deities starting a war. The war did not last long but at the end, nearly all the deities had been slain and many bloodlines were wiped out. The deities turned on one another as they fought to rule Atlantia. Malec, masquerading as a deity, took the throne. He changed the crest so that the sword was higher than the arrow. King Malec married Eloana. As King, Malec hunted down and killed most of the remaining deities. Throughout their marriage, he had many affairs. Eventually, he had an affair with Isbeth. Eloana, jealous of Malec's love for Isbeth, poisoned Isbeth with belladonna. Malec sensing that Isbeth was dying drained Isbeth of her blood and gave her his blood.

Other Atlantians started doing the same thing creating the Ascended. The Council of Elders opined that Malec should apologize, kill Isbeth, and forbid future Ascensions. As Malec was a god, Isbeth did not become an Ascended, but the other Atlantians were unaware. Malec pretended to side with Eloana and the Council and attempted to help eradicate the Ascended. When the War of Two Kings started, Malec snuck Isbeth out of Atlantia and planned to join her with their son after the war. Queen Eloana had the marriage annulled and Malec was dethroned. Even though he was exiled, he still continued to fight the Ascended. Eloana found Malec and imprisoned him with the bones of a deity.

Years went by and the war spread across the lands. Isbeth met Jalara Solis of Vodina Isles. He was gathering Ascended forces outside of Pompay where a sizable Atlantian force had gathered. Isbeth joined Jalara and the Ascended at Pompay to fight the newly crowned Valyn Da'Neer of Atlantia and the Atlantian forces. Pompay, the last stronghold of Atlantia, fell and the Atlantians were forced to retreat behind the Skotos Mountains.

King Valyn and Queen Eloana had two sons, Malik Da'Neer and Casteel Da'Neer. Malik was the heir to the crown while Casteel was trained to lead the armies. Casteel was captured while attempting to take out the Blood Crown by himself. After five decades, Malik was finally able to free Casteel but was captured himself. Casteel spent close to a century trying to free his brother. In order to free his brother, Casteel plotted and kidnapped the Maiden, Penellaphe Balfour, who was the Blood Crown's favorite. Casteel planned to trade Penallaphe for his brother; however, he fell in love with Penellaphe and married her. Due to Penellaphe carrying the blood of the gods, she was able to usurp the crown. Penallaphe and Casteel became king and queen of Atlantia with Kieran as their royal adviser.


Notable Locations

  • Evaemon, the capital of Atlantia

Notable Residents