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Alastir Davenwell (pronounced: Al-as-tir[1]) was one of the oldest Wolven and acted as an advisor to King Valyn and Queen Eloana Da'Neer.


A Kingdom of Flesh and Fire

Alastir was present at New Haven after he and Emil arrived with a small party. Casteel told Poppy it is of importance to convince everyone of their marriage, but especially Alastir, as he was a close advisor to the king and queen of Atlantia. Still, Casteel avoided introducing Poppy and Alastir, but they eventually met in the hallway while Kieran was escorting her to the dining hall. Alastir and Emil were instantly intrigued with her, surprised by her spitfire behavior like so many others, due to her status as the Maiden. While talking with them, Poppy realized Alastir seemed familiar to her, and that he reminded her of Vikter.

When Casteel announced their formal engagement, Alastir requested to speak with Poppy privately. She agreed and the two took a walk together. Alastir spoke of their engagement, and his reservations, before asking if she was being held against her will. He pledged to take her somewhere safe where she could start a new life without Casteel and Atlantia. Poppy assured him that the marriage is what she wants, but she was deeply grateful for the offer. Poppy surprised both herself and Alastir when she threw her arms around him in a hug, saying he reminded her so much of Vikter. Alastir seemed to care for Poppy, and established himself as a good man. He was expressing concern for her throughout the journey, especially when surrounded by Atlantians and Descenters who despised her. He offered to escort her back to her rooms during dinner, after noticing how uncomfortable she was.

Throughout their journey, Alastir spoke with Poppy on several occasions, and revealed information to her that she was stunned by. He revealed Casteel's relationship with Shea, and the extent of his knowledge about what happened with her. He also explained the Joining to Poppy, much to both of their dismay. The relationship between the two became similar to father-daughter, but not completely. Alastir also expressed his reservations about Casteel and Poppy's relationship, advising them to not get married before they reach Atlantia and receive the King and Queen's blessing. Alastir also revealed the plans Casteel's father had to marry him to Alastir's great-niece, Gianna.

When word is received that the Ascended plan to march on Spessa's End, Casteel sent Kieran and Alastir to Atlantia to gather their troops. After the battle, when Poppy and Casteel arrived in Atlantia, Alastir was the only one seen sent to greet them. He told Casteel he wished to speak with him in private, to which Casteel immediately protests, claiming Poppy could be present for whatever he had to say. Alastir told him Poppy was not yet part of the crown, and was not privy to such information. During this conversation, Poppy also described icy fingers dancing across her neck as Alastir spoke. She related the feeling to Vikter, claiming they sounded so alike, and began to explain further but stopped.

When Poppy is attacked at the Chamber of Nyktos and uses her powers to kill the Atlantians, Alastir climbed the steps along with Naill, Emil, and others. He tells the queen it is not too late, but is cut off.

A Crown of Gilded Bones

Alastir was present when the Wolven swarmed the temple, and watched as they flocked to protect Poppy. He revealed later that he was not called to her like the others because of his inability to shift into his Wolven form after breaking his bond with King Malec. Alastir announced that Poppy broke all the bonds of the Wolven with the Primal Notam, her mark. After the Wolven left, Casteel ordered Alastir to be seized, believing him to be behind the attack on Poppy. When Alastir ordered the guards to protect their king and queen, they swarmed them and winded up shooting Shadowshade arrows at Casteel. Jasper and Kieran jumped in front of the arrows to take the blow, and wind up petrified. Casteel got shot as well, and Poppy unleashed herself upon the guards. She winded up getting hit in the head and is moved to a crypt under the Skotos Mountains while unconscious. Alastir visited her when she woke up and explained his plans to her. He claimed to be a Protector of Atlantia, and would do everything necessary to restore the kingdom, even betraying or killing Casteel.

Poppy noted how unsettling it was for Alastir to be so open to the fact that Casteel was to be married to his daughter, and then to his great-niece. Alastir revealed to Poppy that he had already met her before New Haven. He revealed he aided in her parents escape from Masadonia, and told her he let "darkness" inside to kill Poppy and her family. He explained that he knew what she was the moment he saw her at New Haven, and knew she had to be stopped. He claimed she was a danger to Atlantia as she could not control herself, and should be given back to the Ascended to be killed.



Physical Description

Alastir was an older man with shaggy blond hair, which was long enough to be bound back in a knot at the nape of his neck, and a hard jaw. Like other wolven, he also had plae blue eyes. He wore a prominent scar in the center of his forehead, as if someone had attempted to slice open his head. Poppy described him to be handsome in a rugged way that reminded her of a lion.


King Valyn and Queen Eloana Da'Neer

Alastir was the advisor to the former King and Queen of Atlantia, but acted more as a close family friend. He also acted as an uncle to both Casteel and Malik Da'Neer.


  • Alastir was bonded to King Malec, but broke his bond after Malex ascended his mistress. Due to that, he lost the ability to shift into his true form.


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