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Airrick was a Royal Guardsman.


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Airrick was one of the Royal Guardsmen that a was playing cards with a disguised Penellaphe Balfour at The Red Pearl. He was discussing the death of Finley with another guardsman until chastised by Phillips Rathi about talking about such subjects in front of a lady.

After the events of the Rite, Airrick was one of the guardsman along with Hawke Flynn, Kieran Contou, Phillips, Noah and Luddie charged with escorting Poppy to the Capital under the orders of Queen Ileana.

While travelling through the blood forest, Airrick stopped himself from referring to Poppy as the Maiden as Hawke threatened to knock Airrick off his horse if he referred to Poppy as such once more. While discussing the barrats, Airrick tried to minimize how many barrats could be in the Blood Forest as Poppy feared them.

When the group was attacked by a large group of Craven, Airrick stayed by Poppy's side. He tackled her when Poppy got her foot stuck in some roots during the fight. After the last Craven was killed, Poppy noticed Airrick laying on the ground with Phillips kneeling beside him. The first question of Airrik was whether Poppy was safe. Although Poppy told Airrick that he saved her, he indicated that she did not need any kind of saving. Hawke indicated that Airrick also saved him. Airrick's wounds were severe and Poppy took away his pain, revealing her powers to Phillips and Hawke.

As Airrick took his last breaths, he told Poppy that he recognized her by her eyes from the night in the Red Pearl where they had played cards together, but did not think he should have brought it up before. He laughed at the memory of Poppy losing the game and the she had been dealt multiple bad hands in a row. Before passing, Airrick looked past Poppy and said "Momma?".


Arrick was described as to having a boyish grin. He was not shocked to find out that Poppy knows how to wield a dagger.

Physical Description

Airrick had brown hair and a soft face. He couldn't have been much older than eighteen years.

Fun Facts:

  • Airrick's grandfather was one of the last farmers to reside in the Blood Forest.